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Read the next issue’s book reviews for free on the journal website / Lire les critiques littéraires du prochain numéro gratuitement sur le site internet de la revue. http://ecf.humanities.mcmaster.ca/bookreviews/. Eighteenth-Century Fiction publishes reviews of relevant, recent scholarly books in each regular issue of the journal. Publishers, please email ecf@mcmaster.ca about getting a book reviewed in the journal. If…

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Latest issue

The latest issue is now out: ECF 30.2, Winter 2017-18 Project MUSE University of Toronto Press Articles Sociality and Good-Faith Economy in Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Yu, pp. 153-173 Deathly Sentimentalism: Sarah Fielding, Henry Mackenzie, by Jonathan C. Williams, pp. 175-193 Mellifluent Sexuality: Female Intimacy in Ann Radcliffe’s The Romance of the Forest, by…

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Article excerpts

Whet your scholarly appetite with these excerpts of the newest ECF articles (Summer 2016) and links to each article on Project MUSE: click on the small image to read the excerpt. Read the new issue of ECF (28.4, Summer 2016) in its entirety online now at Project MUSE: http://muse.jhu.edu/issue/33735 Fear, Liberty, and Honourable Death in Montesquieu’s…

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ECF style notes updated

Update on ECF style: while retaining some Canadianisms, such as “characterize” with a Z, ECF primarily refers to OED Online for spelling. Please refer to the helpful ECF journal style document, filled with useful examples, when formatting your article for submission to Eighteenth-Century Fiction. Read the ECF style guidelines in this 5-page pdf file. Les…

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For illustrations that help contextualize the research found in the newest ECF essays, visit the journal’s Tumblr account:  http://eighteenthcenturyfiction.tumblr.com/ Les illustrations qui pourraient aidé à contextualiser la recherche sont comprises pour les nouveaux articles sur la page Tumblr du journal. http://eighteenthcenturyfiction.tumblr.com/

Artifacts from the 18th century: visit the ECF Tumblr to see amazing eighteenth-century images. See this image on the ECF Tumblr. These McMaster University archive images from the 18th and early 19th centuries are in the public domain and free to use. The resolution is high enough for most uses, from PowerPoint presentations to print publications.

Founding editor of ECF

It is with great sadness that we relate the news of the passing of Dr. David Blewett, the Eighteenth-Century Fiction founding editor in 2015. He was a professor for many years in the Department of English at McMaster University, specializing in 18th-century studies. A funeral was held at the Trinity College Chapel, University of Toronto, at…

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Editorship of ECF journal

Eugenia Zuroski Jenkins, Associate Professor at McMaster University, is now full, sole editor for Eighteenth-Century Fiction.

Peer review guidelines

How ECF submissions are peer reviewed: The ECF editors’ recommended procedure for anonymous evaluation of submissions is available at the University of Toronto Press JOURNALS website. NOTE: The ECF editors do not send out every received manuscript to external peer reviewers; for some submissions, the ECF editors provide in-house peer review.

New ECF special issue: “Georgian Theatre in an Information Age: Media, Performance, Sociability.”