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Eighteenth-Century Fiction (ECF) publishes four issues filled with peer-reviewed, research articles every year. The ECF editors have been working to reduce the time between submission and publication. If you submit your research article by the end of June 2020, and if the reviewers’ reports are positive, then your article could appear in ECF Spring 2021. The timeline depends on the length of the revisions period.
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Submit a manuscript

  • Send your academic article to the ECF Editor, Dr. Eugenia Zuroski, for consideration: choose the link “For Authors” or “Submissions” at the online submissions platform for ECF journal. Please see links to the guidelines below. The ECF editors seek research essays of 6,000 – 8,000 words. Please read at least one entire recent issue of the journal prior to submitting your own work, to discern if your article fits within the journal’s purview.

How ECF works: recent peer review statistics

  • Total manuscript submissions in 2019: 58.
  • Submissions received in 2019 that were then sent for outside peer review: 52.
  • Review turnaround time in 2019: average number of days from the date of submission to the initial editor decision: 73.
  • We strive for 4 months’ turnaround time following submission, and in 2019 the ECF editors and reviewers averaged 2.5 months.

Recent articles cover a wide range of topics in 18th-century literature and cultural studies; for example:


The ECF editors seek research essays of 6,000 – 8,000 words. Please read the submission guidelines and the editorial policy prior to submitting your manuscript:

Questions? Contact/Contactez-nous
Jacqueline Langille, Managing Editor, E-mail:

Eighteenth-Century Fiction, Chester New Hall 421
McMaster University, 1280 Main St. W.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8S 4L9
Tel: 905-525-9140 x 27123 | Fax: 905-777-8316

NOTE: In order to ensure that authors can publish in ECF and still comply with their funders’ open-access requirements, the ECF editors have implemented the following policy.
An author may upload the accepted Eighteenth-Century Fiction article or essay document file to his or her own institutional online repository. The ECF editors ask that the date and place of publication of the finalized article be noted and that a link to the ECF website be included with the file that is uploaded to an institutional or disciplinary (subject) repository.
The ECF editors require that authors wait until after the date of publication of their articles in the journal Eighteenth-Century Fiction to post their accepted manuscripts to any institutional open-access repositories.

ECF authors are requested to sign a contract with Eighteenth-Century Fiction/McMaster University that states: Eighteenth-Century Fiction (ECF), McMaster University, obtains and owns the copyright on the contents of its journal. To clarify the rights of authors and ECF, and thus insure the protection of both, ECF requires that an author formally assign all rights to ECF before an article is published. Section 6 of the contract includes the right of the author to republish in certain forms: “We will accede to any request by the Author(s) to use part or all of their article in an article or in a book published under either the Author(s)’s exclusive authorship or editorship, provided that acknowledgment of its first appearance is made in a manner approved by ECF, and in such cases no fee for reprinting shall be payable to us.” For the complete text of a standard ECF article contract, please contact

NOTE to all ECF authors and book reviewers:
Please remember that is not an institutional repository; use only the link to ECF on Project MUSE and the abstract of your own ECF article for notices on about your recently published work.

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