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A Syllabus Treasury

Links and documents below to syllabuses for 18th-century studies courses.

18th-Century Writing, 2019,  James Wood, Lecturer in 18th-Century Literature, University of East Anglia

Even Stranger Things: The Early Gothic, English 4ST3, Fall 2019, McMaster University, Instructor: Stacy Ann Creech

Global Crossroads undergraduate and graduate syllabuses, created and provided by Rebekah Mitsein, Assistant Professor of English, Boston College

Eighteenth-Century Performance Practices: The Early Actress , syllabus provided by Elaine McGirr, SFHEA, Head of Theatre, Reader in Theatre & Performance Histories, University of Bristol

Observing and Recording the Eighteenth Century, Megan Peiser, Oakland University

Eighteenth-Century Black Lives, 1688-1838
English 450 | Spring 2018, St. John’s University, NY, Kathleen Lubey

Survey of American Literature to the Civil War, Ula Klein

Syllabuses discovered in online search 29 January 2018:

English Literature of the Long 18th Century Gone Global, Humberto Garcia

History of Science, Andrew Gregory

Fashion as History, Arianne Chernock

Julia M. Wright’s syllabuses, including 18th-century, Gothic, and Romanticism courses:

Consumption and Culture in the 18th Century, Charles Walton

Eighteenth-Century Literature, Christina Lupton and David Taylor

Introduction to 18th-Century Studies, Rebecca Spang and Richard Nash

Laura L. Runge, Introduction to 18th-Century Literature and Research and Eighteenth-Century Novel and Theory

Course materials and syllabuses collected by Jack Lynch:

Link supplied by Rebecca L. Spang, Indiana U Bloomington (@RebeccaSpang on Twitter):
Undergrad Enlightenment course_2012.

Links supplied by Leigh G. Dillard, PhD, Assistant Professor of English, University of North Georgia:

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature course

Eighteenth-Century British Women’s Literature course

Links supplied by Seth Rudy (@SethRudy on Twitter):




Links supplied by Rachel Sagner Burrma (@rbuurma on Twitter):

ENGL333_EighteenthCBritishFictionRiceU, Betty Joseph, Rice University, 2015

Eighteenth-Century Novels, Marta Kvande, Texas Tech University, 2015

Rise of the Novel, Charles Knight, University of Massachusetts Boston, 2002

The Rise of the Novel, Lisa Maruca, Wayne State University

The Rise of the Novel, Sam Cahill, Nanyang Technological University, 2015

English Novel, Daniel P. Gunn, University of Maine Farmington, 1999

Cultural Materialism and the Rise of the Novel, Melissa Bloom, St. John Fisher University, English 440, Fall 2006

The Rise of the Novel, Rachel Buurma, Swarthmore College, 2012

The Eighteenth Century English Novel, Lilia Melani, Brooklyn College, 2004

The English Novel, Brian Reed, Mercyhurst University, 2012

Histories & Theories of the 18th-C British Novel, Emily MN Kugler, Colby, 2012

English 556: The 18th-Century English Novel, John Harwood, Penn State

English 322 Eighteenth Century Fiction, Paul Delany, Simon Fraser University. Accessed via link from Jack Lynch’s list of syllabi:

The English Novel in the Eighteenth Century
Janine Barchas, University of Texas Austin, 2010

Dan White, University of Toronto

The Eighteenth-Century English Novel_English349_2000
Jack Lynch, Rutgers University

The Novel in the History of Mediation
William Warner, UCSB, 2011

18th-Century British Novel, Instructor C. Sussman, Duke University, 2014
Charlotte Sussman, Duke University

Nicholas Birns, The New School, Eugene Lang College, Department of Literary Studies

Eighteenth-Century Fiction and the Rise of the Novel, University of Southhampton

Ruth Nestvold, 1997

Judith E. Frank, Amherst College, 2014

English 563: Eighteenth-Century British Novel
John Morillo, North Carolina State, Eighteenth-Century British Novel, 2012

ENG 760 Rise of the Novel syllabus – Anne H. Stevens
Anne H. Stevens, Rise of the Novel, graduate seminar

18th-Century British Novel, Fall, 1998
Julie Schaffer, 18th-Century British Novel, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, 1998

English 87100 The Rise of the Novel
David Richter, Queens College, 2011

More links to syllabuses discovered in a Google Search 20 December 2016:


Eighteenth-Century Media, by S. Hammerschmidt, Arizona State U.



C18 Kabbalistic Thought and Literature by Rabbi Shlomie Chein, UC Santa Cruz:


French studies syllabuses:

Restoration and 18th-century drama:





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